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Why to Choose Our Services?

Our Promise

Madhwas Matrimony as a service offers a platform for all Madhwa Brahmins enabling them to find their soul mate.

We along with a survey, have developed this platform to make sure all the needs of marraige are met at the intial stage itself.

Profile Verification

We peronally take care verification* of the Members individually who is registering with us, hence keeping the platform dont become SPAM Box. Once after verifying* the profile we will keep the profile if and only if, the profile matches to the mark.

Affordable Premium Services

Unlike the other portals, Madhwas Matrimony offers the services at very very reliable and affordable cost

Helping Hands

Madhwas Matromony will give out portion of amount to the poor Madhwa Brahmins. So step along with us by joining as a premium member and enjoy the other benifits of the premium users too.

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