Varama Lakshmi Vrata Vidhana

Sarvamangala Mangalye|
Shive Sarvarthaka Sadhike|
Sharanye Thriyambake Devi/Laksmi|
Narayani Namosthuthe||

The above shloka is in praise of goddess Lakshmi and offering salutations.

varamahalakshmi vratha  is  celebrated  on the Friday Just before the Full moon day  of Shraavana Maasa usually August  – September.
The greatness of the Vara Maha Lakshmi  Vrata  can also be found  in Purana’s  as well. This Vrata  is very popular in  South India, Maharastra and Orissa.

some families won’t  follow this Vratha as  their elders have not followed the Vrata.

How this Vrata  is  worshipped ?

Early in  the moring,women will do  Head Bath  with Herbal(Kunkudu Kai, Shikakai)  Powders, Women will start decorating their house front yards with beautiful Rangoli’s.  Next, they Decorate Pooja Mantapa with Banana Stem on both sides  and  Draw the 8 petal Padma/ Lotus rangoli and  pour some rice on the  rangoli inorder to place  the  Kalasha.

Preparing  Kalasha for Pooja

1. Depending on financial capacity we can use  steel, Silver,copper or  Gold  pot. Clean the Pot thoroughly, Into the pot place 5 measures of  Rice or Water, 5 Fruits (dry fruits) , turmeric root,kumkum, betel leaf,nut powder, bangles.  Try to accomodate all these  depending on the size of the Kalasa Patra

2. Take a Coconut(not peeled) , Apply  Turmeric Paste all over it and apply  Kumkum  too. the same should be repeated to the kalasha patra too with turmeric powder or  chandan powder.

3.  Keep the Gouri Mukha Idol to the Coconut, Tie a mangalya / black beads necklace with a pendant, which married women wear, to the kalasha Coconut and  Decorate the coconut as your wish.

4. Now, Place the Mango leafs or  Beatle Leafs  around the top side of the Kalasha Patra  and Place the Decorated Coconut in it.

Preparing Varama Lakshmi  Thora

We have to prepare Thora Differently  for  Married Ladies.

3. Thora for Married Women  will be prepared with a  Thread  consists  of 16 knots to it along with flowers, thread of wool, thread of pure silk

Getting  Ready  for the Pooja

1.  Take the Kalasha  patra  Just out side of the house  and  Lit a  Deepa infront of  it  and offer Harathi  to the Kalasha  and  Bring it  back to the Pooja Matapa,  This  Symbolizes  that  You are  Bringing  Godess Lakshmi into your House.

2. Now, Place the Complete Kalasha patra in  the Pooja  Mantapa along with the Thoras  what we have prepared earlier. Now, Decorate the Pooja  Mantapa  as your wish with Few Black bangles,Jewelry, Flowers, Fruits. Now the kalasham symbolically represents Goddess Lakshmi  which  came  all the way  to your Home to take your Pooja.

3.  Lakshmi Pooja  Begins  with  Vignaadhipathi,Ganesha Pooja (Avahana, Dwadasa Stotram, Astottaram, Harathi).

4.  After  Ganesha Pooja,  Now,  we have to start  the Lakshmi Pooja  with  Lakshmi Avahana,  Lakshmi Astottaram, Sahasra Naama, Songs

5.  Now, Offer  Goddess  with  Dhoopam, Prepare 16  Kaddi Batti Harathi  and  as many  Deepam  you can,  which  brings that much of prosperity into your life

6.  We have to prepare    Naivedyam  with  9 or  11  items (  Payasa, Chittranna,Holige, Kaduvu, Sugil Undi,kosambari, palya, tovve and more ) and  offer  the items  to Godess

Wearing Thora

After Completing pooja, Take the Thoras  and wear  Thora  to your  right Wrist.

Baagana  Daana

1.  after completing the Pooja, do  Baagana Daana  to another Married  Women (Not  to  your  Sister in laws or any another women  in your home)


Call the Married women from your Neighbourhood  and  distribute  Thambula.

Removing Kalasa

Kalasha should be removed the Next Day with Punah Pooja. Sprinkle the Holy Water which is in kalasha in your Entire Home, which makes your home Holier.