Kartivirarjuna Mantra – Two Recent Incidents

Since I posted the mantra for recovering lost items in 2009, I have seen several comments on this post. You can read the post here:

I feel bad when people comment about their lost items and how many times they should recite this. There were two incidents which happened which I wanted to share with you all. One with my Daughter yesterday, and one with my Father last month in India, before they traveled to USA.

Like most of you know, my daughter Sneha is studying in UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Yesterday, around 10.30 AM she texted me saying she lost her wallet. Her wallet had just a dollar, but her driving license, a credit card, debit card and her UNC One card. Since we are 300 miles away from her, we couldn’t do anything other than consoling her, and that too by text. Her Father immediately called the credit card and debit card companies and cancelled them. So, we were not worried about losing any money.

The big problem was her driving license, and how she would come home next week for Thanksgiving. Sneha traced back her entire day, went to the Library where she was studying, Student Union where she had been, her Dorm, and there was no sign of her wallet. I kept telling her to say “Kartivirarjuna ” as many times as possible. Sneha was tense, and we both parents kept cheering her up and saying if someone found it they would definitely return the same.

Around 5.00 PM, I received another text from Sneha”She had just received an email and that her wallet was found”. What a relief for all of us. I told her ” Sneha, this is the power of reciting Kartivirarjuna”. So, this incident ended happily. Kudos to our Raja Kartivirarjuna .

Now, read about this incident which happened to my Father at Bangalore.

My Parents visit to USA had been planned for October 16th. Yes, there are here with me and my Sister. On 10th October, they had been to Ghandibazar to buy sarees for my sister and me. My father had his debit card, and Rs.6000 in his wallet. The next day, my parents went to 4th T Block Rayara Mutta like they do everyday. My father kept his wallet in a bag, left it on the bench inside and went to do Namaskaras. Once finished, he comes back picks up his bag, and when trying to pay for the slippers, he finds out that his wallet was missing. However, he had no clue that it was in his bag, and also thought that no one would ever steal in Rayara Mutta. Huh, poor Dad.

They searched for the debit card, and the money for almost a day, with no success. Mom Said they recited “Kartivirarjuna ” 1000′s of times. It had been stolen at the temple. He never got it back. We all felt bad that this had to happen at the temple, and a place where we worship. But, thieves don’t have any conscience right? He lost money and the debit card. Next day they went to SBI and cancelled the card.

Praying to Kartivirarjuna definitely helps to lessen our tension, worries.  However, if something belongs to you, you will definitely get it back.  Keep praying.

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